iPING Putter App & Cradle

Introducing the iPING Putter App & Cradle

iPING Putter App & Cradle

The PING Putting Cradle for iPhone 4 and 4th Generation iPod Touch is used to affix your iPhone or iPod to most standard putter shafts and is required to use the iPING Putter App. Once your iPhone or iPod is attached to your putter, you can activate the iPING Putter App (a free download from the iTunes App Store) which uses the device’s accelerometer and gyroscope to analyze your putting stroke and help you improve your putting mechanics.

The iPING Putter App analyzes your impact angle, classifies your stroke type, measures the tempo of your stroke and calculates and tracks your Putting Handicap (PHcp). From there, you can get feedback to help you match your stroke type to the proper putter model for more consistency, help you understand how to improve control in the putting stroke and can even compare your stroke with your friends and Tour pros. The iPING Putter App with the cradle attachment turns your iPhone or iPod into a personal putting coach.

Since your iPhone or iPod is wireless and the app does not require an internet connection to work, you can practice and improve your putting stroke anywhere; at your favorite golf course, at home, or on the road. Every session provides immediate results leading to more consistency in your stroke.

The PING Putting Cradle is only available in models to fit your iPhone 4 or 4th Generation iPod Touch. The iPING Putter App is only available as a free download on the iTunes App store.

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