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Four-Day School, Offered Nine Times in 2012


Build your own graphite-shafted driver and steel-shafted wedge during the week!

The work-at-your-own pace format is great for clubmaking beginners.


A comprehensive, hands-on approach to golf club assembly and repair ensures you retain what you learn.

Veteran instructors expertly train clubmaking procedures.


Learning how to build golf clubs may seem intimidating at first, but thousands of golfers have started a great hobby or even a profitable clubmaking business after attending Golfsmith's Complete Clubmaker's Training School. Our large classroom and workbench facilities allow Golfsmith's veteran instructors to spend the majority of time facilitating your ability to learn the craft.

For four days, trainees work in an actual production facility learning how to build and repair golf clubs — everything from learning how to install a grip to accomplishing more complicated procedures like metal wood refinishing and the art of fine-tuning a club's swingweight.

Students also follow the progress of a driver and a sand wedge through each of the clubs' steps of production, including clubfitting. Best of all, the top-quality clubs you build are yours to keep, free of charge!


2012 Complete Clubmakers School Dates

Nine 4-day sessions in 2012:


  • January 23-26
  • February 28 - March 2
  • March 27-30
  • May 15-18
  • June 25-28
  • July 17-20
  • August 13-16
  • September 11-14
  • October 9-12

*MONEY-BACK GUARANTEE. If you do not think that this is the absolute best training school in the golf industry, Golfsmith will issue a full refund of your tuition fee with no questions asked, at any time before the end of your training session.


Students learn in-depth about all specifications related to the golf club — from shaft flex to bounce — in thorough detail.

Key topics include club reshafting, alteration and customization, and each student builds a driver and sand wedge to keep.

  • Primary fitting

  • Custom driver and sand wedge assembly

  • Steel and graphite shaft removal

  • Putter fitting and assembly

  • Loft and lie alteration

  • Custom assembly

  • Club and shaft fitting basics

  • Common repairs, including:

    • – Bore-thru clubhead reshafting

    • – Removal of broken steel and graphite shafts

    • – Swingweighting

    • – Installation of shaft extensions

    • – Grip removal and installation

    • – Hosel boring