Basic Club Assembly
Installing Ferrules
Shaft Removal
Through-bore Reshafting
Regripping or Gripping Clubs

Removing the Old Grip
1. Secure the club in a vise near the grip using a protective rubber vise clamp (#913). Position the clubface perpendicular to the floor in the playing position.
2. Remove the old grip with a grip knife, hacksaw or stripper (metal shafts only) and scrape off all the old grip tape and residue, taking care to always cut away from yourself. For graphite shafts, remove the old grip with a hooked blade in a utility knife, peel off the old tape by hand and clean up the residue with a cloth and some grip solvent. Do not scrape the shaft, as scraping can cut into the graphite fibers and weaken the shaft.
Preparing for the New Grip
3. Hold the new grip next to the cleaned shaft butt to determine how much area will be covered by tape.
4. Apply build-up tape (masking tape) if the grip needs to be made larger. Use either 2" or .75" tape and apply as shown. Be sure to account for shaft butt diameter and grip core diameter.
Vertical Wrap: Apply 2" tape vertically, centered along the top of the shaft butt so that the slight overlap occurs along the back of the shaft.

5. Apply one layer of two-sided "miracle" grip tape, either 2" or .75", as shown. Leave an extra one to two inches of tape over the shaft butt.
Spiral Wrap: Spiral-wrap .75" tape up the shaft butt (bottom), leaving a slight gap between the edges.

6. Peel the backing off the tape and cover the shaft butt with the overlapped portion of tape.
7. Squirt a generous amount of nonflammable grip solvent inside the grip, sealing the vent hole in the butt of the grip with your finger or a golf tee. Close the small (mouth) end of the grip, and shake to wet the entire inside of the grip walls. Never use a flammable fluid in grip application.
8. Pour the excess solvent over the entire length of the 2-sided tape. Use extra solvent from the can as needed, using a metal tray to catch excess fluid as solvent may be re-used.
Installing the New Grip
9. Hold the grip with the alignment pattern up and squeeze the mouth of the grip between the thumb and forefinger to obtain a flared shape. With the applied tape still wet with solvent, push the flared mouth up and over the shaft butt.
10. Slip the grip on quickly and methodically while the solvent is wet, but do not rush. Rushing causes mistakes.
11. Push the grip firmly onto the shaft to make sure the grip butt cap is all the way up against the shaft butt.
12. Make sure the grip is on straight and the alignment pattern is squared to the clubface. The grip can be adjusted for a few minutes after installation while the tape is still activated. If the grip is to be made smaller, it may be stretched down the shaft and held in place for a minute or so. Allow ample drying time (consult instructions on the solvent bottle as drying times vary by grip brand).