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Selecting the Right Grip

A tremendous variety of grip models are available for you to choose from. One of the more popular grips is the slip-on rubber composition grip. These are molded into several different shapes and sizes with the two most popular styles being the wrap style and the more velvet style.

Modern technology has aided in the development of new styles and feels. Softer, synthetic grips are increasing in popularity as their feel is easy on the hands, increasing comfort, adding more resistance to slippage and increasing shock absorption.

Synthetic and multi-density (or durometer) grips are gaining popularity with golfers worldwide. These grips provide firmness in contact with the shaft to make sure the grips do not move underneath the hands, while also offering a soft feel preferred by most on the outer surface.

The cord slip-on grips are chosen by golfers who have developed a specific preference for this harder and firmer type of feel, or by golfers whose hands perspire excessively during the round.

For those who experience hand discomfort or who have less hand strength, larger, spongier rubber compound grips are good choices.