Beginners Clubmaking
 Complete Training
 Master Craftsman
 Advanced Clubmaking


Recommended for individuals who are already into club repairs and club assembly and are interested in enhancing their skills, and novices who want to be exposed to one of the most enjoyable crafts in golf.

Five days of intensive hands-on instruction. Students work at their own pace with emphasis on the areas that interest them the most.

Students follow the progress of a steel-shafted 5-iron and a graphite-shafted metal wood through the many steps of production, including clubfitting. The clubs are the student's to keep free of charge.

Graduation Certificate
Graduates of each training program receive diplomas which are ideal for enhancing the professionalism of your workshop. Graduates also receive personalized press releases announcing completion of the training program for publication in their local newspaper.

Approved by the PGA and LPGA of America for credit toward membership continuing education requirements.

5-Day class includes:

  • Reshafting Woods and Irons
  • Altering Loft and Lie
  • Grip Installation
  • General Repairs
  • Swingweighting
  • Clubfitting Woods & Irons

Price: $450.00

 Call 1-800-456-3344 (U.S) for more information.

2006 Complete Training Schedule:
  • Jan. 16-20; 23-27
  • Feb. 13-17; 27-Mar. 3
  • Mar. 6-10
  • April 3-7; 24-28
  • May 1-5; 22-26
  • June 5-9; 19-23; 26-30
  • July 10-14; 24-28
  • Aug. 7-11; 14-18; 28-Sept. 1
  • Sept. 11-15; 25-29
  • October 23-27
  • Nov. 6-10; 27-Dec.1
  • December 11-15