How to Choose Golf Gloves

Golf gloves are important for a sure grip and a steady stroke.

The golf glove is extremely important because it helps you better hold the club during the swing. The glove also provides added comfort and protection for the hand that secures the club (left hand for right-handed golfers.)

So how do you pick one? Price and brand are obvious factors to consider, but material choice and functionality should drive the selection process. Gloves made from genuine Cabretta leather provide a softer feel, while those made from synthetic leather last longer because they are more durable and resist moisture.

There are also many specialty gloves to consider. For instance, there are heavier gloves designed for golfers who like to brave inclement conditions and others for players who suffer from arthritis. Some models even combine synthetic and Cabretta leather to improve performance.

Today's designs are more durable than ever, but it's important to remember that an old, dried out glove does you no good, so replace it when you see tears or worn spots.

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