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How to Choose Tennis Grips

Dry, Tacky or Sticky?

When talking about grips, “feel” refers to the adhesive qualities of the overgrip or replacement grip. There are three types:


The choice for least friction, dry grips are the least likely to cause blisters. The downside is that you relinquish some control because you have to squeeze the handle harder to keep the racquet from twisting on off-center hits.


Makes you slightly more blister-prone, but it's a big step up from dry in terms of slip prevention. The tacky grip should provide you with the kind of friction you need to keep your racquet from going airborne on a 90-degree day.


Congratulations, you've just reached the top of the adhesive chart. In fact, this feels a lot like flypaper, so it makes gripping the handle easier. But the stickiness may hinder your ability to make quick grip changes.